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We provide the next generation analytics platform to turn complex data into valuable insights no matter what business you are in.


Arintel provides data management platform and big data analytics solutions to help enterprises make right decisions. We offer the next generation analytics platform to turn complex data into valuable insights no matter what business you are in.

Legacy systems cripple your enterprise, leaving you mired in an infrastructure designed for the past and unequipped for the future. Your enterprise confronts adaptive adversaries and new challenges every day. You cannot solve these problems with incompatible data sets isolated in disparate places.

We help you unlock significant value by making information transparent and usable at much higher frequency, you can collect more accurate and detailed information to improve the development of the next generation of products and services.

When the normal application of current technology doesn’t enable users to obtain timely, cost-effective, and quality answers to data- driven questions, our big data solutions enables the right move for your targets.



Development & Integration

Experience in integrating numerous different subsystems and sensors across various domain platforms.

Integration to Big Data Platforms

Real time data analytics and visualization

Customer Behavior Analytics

Predictive Analysis and Demand Forecasting

Enterprise Application Migration and Modernization

Event processing and intelligent actions

SaaS , PaaS and Cloud services



Big Data Strategy and Architecture

Technology and Tools Evaluation

Planning , Design and Implementation of Hadoop and other Big Data platforms

Proof of Concept

Data Quality Management

Data Security and Governance


Sales Operations Management Portal

Planning and Forecasting

Ordering process flow

Account and product based price control

Online integration with distributors

Stock control and predictive analysis

Instant IGM, Coop Budget monitoring with mix-effect

Warehouse & Store based minimum stock alert system

Stock-in Trade monitoring SKU based Daily / Weekly sell-out reports


ADMR - High Performance Data Management Platform

Easily access, collect and manage any data from any source

Multipoint and modern approach to Big Data Integration

Turn data into business value with reporting and analytic

Arintel Data Collector

IOT streaming data analysis

Mobiles devices, car tracking systems

Industrial equipment, city infrastructure, sensors

Radio signals, trace files, probes

CDR, Log files


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